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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Thankful & Worried

I must say I feel bad for not blogging sooner. The last time I blogged I had such a bad day with Stephen, and it has been several since and he has been (relatively) well behaved. I should have "redeemed" him earlier. :)

He did slip up. See him coloring Granny K's Mother's Day card? Yes, well, that was just before he colored mommy's white office chair. I take five minutes to put on my lotion and some makeup and it cost me my more than I would have imagined. The kid even got my office chair throw pillow. Looking on the bright side: At least he didn't get the carpet.

A lot still feels like it is going on over here; Josh and I are not getting anywhere on getting out of our orders to Kentucky. I also cannot seem to find a reliable property management company, although I am still praying we will not need one and have to pay rent and a mortgage. I find us bickering and snapping at each other about it. He is afraid of tarnishing his career, and I can't sleep because I am up worrying what will happen to us and trying to think of someone I can find to help us; Some letter that I can write that will make everything okay. I want to continue to be nice, be classy, but I also want to be the "squeaky wheel", because I was advised that it "gets the grease."

Other than that, Grandpa Chiperno will be here two weeks from today. It will be really nice to have his help and his company. I think Stephen is going to be all over him and I think I'll be able to get some good pictures! I have a bit planned, but I think the hot weather will get to both of us and I know my dad enjoys just staying home and having couch times sometimes, so I wouldn't want to rob him of that. Let's see how he likes couch time after seeing the same Elmo episode 6 times. Hehehe!

Last but not least: I bought and am using an elliptical machine. 13 minutes on the thing and I begin to think to myself "I'm going to die." I have begun food journaling and I am making an honest effort at losing some of my large butt. It would feel really nice to even take off 10 pounds before Josh gets home; Maybe lose a little of that second chin I keep seeing in photos.

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  1. You look great just how you are, but that is great that you are starting the elliptical! When we got ours we had to get it fixed, the resistance was set on the highest and it couldnt be changed!