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Monday, May 25, 2009

Welcome Grandpa Chiperno

So I have been a tad bit behind in my blogging; Grandpa Chiperno has been visiting and we have been going a mile-a-minute over here! If we're not at the park, we're out to eat, and then we're at a gym or in the backyard.

The heat isn't getting to my dad too bad; I think I have been complaining about the heat more than my dad is and he lives in Alaska! I guess I'm a wimp. :)

It's great to see my dad and to have help and company around this house once again! The first few days were rough. Stephen needs to adjust to someone new being home, but this second week has been going a lot better. His behavior has been far better than last week. He's using a lot more words and his attention span I can see expanding. You have to see the kid do crafts; He's a very serious artist.

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