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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Our Saga Continues

I knew it would happen....

Last night before Josh even sat down at his desk he was pulled into one of bosses' offices. I'm going to go ahead and keep just whom this guy is off the blog, and show him more respect than it feels like he is showing us. Sure enough, just as I worried, my husband was pulled into his office to be yelled at.

That is exactly what I did not want to happen.

The same person who told me that he has been completely unaware of ANY soldier having any issue with branch I find out is the same man my husband one of the first men that Josh went to THREE months ago. He was supposed to sign the 4187, which we were first told needed to have all three signatures within two weeks. So the first man signed, the second man signed, and then the third man (this man) asked that Josh revise a sentence. Josh did so and brought the paper back to him, where it sat on his desk for an entire month. (Note: Definately past the two week mark in which we were originally told it had to be turned in by)

Josh and I had started to argue about this and he went back to the desk and took it to the next person up the chain of command who signed it without hesitation. Josh said this was, by Army rules, a big no-no, but we're at the point where our family and finances are on edge and where as we don't want to tarnish his Army resume, our son, our home, our marriage have to be more important then angering someone above him. I am told time and time again about the Army's "open door" policies and that a soldier cannot get into trouble for asking for help, but this is exactly what happened last night.

The man wrote me an email, I responded and told him who I was, then he didn't even take the time to respond further to me and at his first opportunity, before Josh could get to his desk, pulled him into his office to ream him. Oh, it gets better; This man sent me an email saying that no one has come to him Blah Blah Blah, but as soon as Josh sits down he demanded to know why Josh hadn't continued to wait for his help, although this was three months ago and this man is only now, after my ICE comments, realizing that the 4187 was no longer on his desk. Then he continues to go on about how he's helping several soldiers with problems at branch, therefore our issue isn't really such a big deal because other people are having the same problems.

Let me rant here as I have several times to my husband, but; I am not worried about anyone else. I am merely worried about my son, my husband and myself at this point. I am sick and tired of people saying that this is not a real concern because other people are unfortunate enough to be in the same boat.

I am just going to pray that the other two people that have said they are working on this are and that they will be successful. I am also going to continue to document who we have spoken with, when, what transpired, etc., then if it gets down to the 60-day marker where we need to be packing for Kentucky, then I will go to the Post General and name names and call the senator. Those things are ugly, they probably will not help us, but I feel like those are our only options.

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