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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Busy Bee

Today is Mother's Day and I've got to say, it's sad without Josh home. :(
Stephen's not quite at the age where a day is anything other than a "Stephen-day". Nothing was bad about today; In fact, my husband let me know that he's finally taking pictures for me. (YAY!)

We also have some great news: Josh sat down with a Lt. Col. last night. This is one of the 3 men who signed off three months ago releasing him from the unit. My husband came in with all of his paperwork and said he did "this/this/and this", and then the LC (we'll call him that) asked what branch said. Josh showed him an email from them that pretty much told him to eat dirt and the lc made copies and told Josh how he would go about escalating this. He also pointed out to us that we have been at Fort Hood less than two years and when the Army sends you to a duty station, it is supposed to be for at least three years.

He was nice. He listened. He said he would take it from here, and Josh says he's a very smart man and he believes he will follow through. I just hope he does because right now, Josh will be home in roughly 30 days and then we'd only have another 90 days here if those orders do go through. I do not think we could find a solution for our home and with Stephen's speech in that short amount of time. Furthermore, when Josh gets home I want to spend time with Josh/daddy and not fret over moving and getting 101 things set up. I believe our family deserves some time to just enjoy eachother and 90days hardly provides for that if you factor in a move.

Other than that, we have a full week. I have several paper packets to hand in various places, as well as mommy meetups with the Real Moms of Bell County, I have Birthdays and little projects I have been working on and trying to finish. In addition to the stuff I'm doing to keep busy, my dad will be here Friday (YAY!) Stephen is speaking a lot more these past two weeks and I know Grandpa Chiperno is going to just love spending time with him. Also, this means we're just that much closer to Josh coming Home. Thank God.

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  1. Happy Mother's Day, Steph! Thanks for sharing a little bit of it with us!