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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Stupid Mother's Day

I regret getting out of bed today. Do you ever have those days?

I was giving Josh a hard time last night; Although I have given him the "heads-up" several times now that Mother's Day is just around the corner, last night he asks me, "When is it again?" So this tells me that it's impossible for him to get any kind of a card or letter in the mail in time to reach me by Mother's Day. I started giving him a hard time about how he doesn't ever forget Father's Day.

So this morning I wake up to a very sweet email from my husband. Where's the bad day in that, you might ask. Well it included a $400 spa package as a Mother's Day gift. Not only was the package worth half of that (maybe) but with this fear hanging over us of moving to Kentucky, paying a mortgage and rent, this fear of losing our asses and our credit scores, well, I want to sit on every dime that we can. I don't want to buy the truck he has been dreaming of. I don't want a vacation, and I certainly wouldn't dream of spending $400 at the spa. The email even said, "Bring a friend with you." I have some great friends, but I wouldn't fathom ever spending another $400 on them to come to a spa with me. An $800 spa day is completely out of the question.

My wedding ring, which is still MIA cost us between $230-260's, but now my husband wants to spend nearly double that for a Hallmark Holiday.

When Josh left I mailed him a digital camera with a SD card asking him to take pictures and if he couldn't mail them to send me the card. After he had it for 3 or 4 months and never used it, I sent him a 35mm camera telling him to just take pictures and send the camera back to me. He has now been gone 11 months and I have yet to get one stinkin' picture although that (and cards, if cards count as a present) has been the only thing I have asked for. So he forgets Mother's Day and instead of finally using the 35mm camera and mailing it back to me, he goes and finds a spa package.

Dessi told me when I got married that you can't get mad at your husband when he does something nice for you because if you do he won't want to do it again. This makes sense to me, but seriously, with the other things going on I don't think it was appropriate. When I was messing with him last night I was not trying to guilt him into buying me something "good."

I got these emails on my way out the door and the stupid computer kept freezing on me when I was trying to respond and I started crying. I wrote him an email in caps saying I adamantly do not want a day at the spa and that we don't have money to throw away like that. He was stunned at my reaction and insulted. So now I started my day off with a fight with my deployed husband. I should have been nicer and more polite, which I had planned to be when he called, but he didn't call thanks to my email. I needed to sugar coat my response more and now we're arguing long distance over a stupid present.

Then I found an ant pile in my yard.
Then I got an email without the nicest tone from an old friend.

Now I just want to lay in bed, sleep, sulk, and stay in that bed until June.
I regret getting out of bed today. Do you ever have one of those days?

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