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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Santa is Watching

Saturday was our last opportunity to go out with Dan Powell since he is moving to El Paso Monday morning. In our absence at home, Sonya decided it was time for a photo-op at home and I wanted to share the results!

New Family Tradition

Since being here in Texas I have heard that many of our friends each year go to the "Ryno Glass" gallery and blow their own glass ornaments. I have never seen this done and thought that perhaps Stephen was old enough to enjoy this. Daddy Josh was a little skeptical, until we made it to the studio where it was being done!

We met the Stanfords and followed them to the studio. First, Allyson was up. This is her third year, so she was a pro! :)

I was impressed at how well behaved Stephen was. This just about the first time since toddlers that William and Stephen did not argue or tease each other about one thing or another. Instead of being crazy, Stephen watched patiently and waited for his turn!

Next up was William!

Now it was Stephen's turn. He was very calm, but I think also pretty excited. He looked interested in everything that was happening.

The man takes that long metal pole and dips it in to a big batch of melting glass. He then pulls out a glob of it, rubs it with a non-flammable cloth and constantly twirls the pole to give the ornament it's round shape. Then you can see him dip it into the glass shards; Stephen chose the colors red, alvocado green, and red.

Then Stephen and daddy use that plastic piece to blow into the pipe which blows the air into Stephen's ornament.

The artist brought it a few steps away where he put it on another cloth. This is when he works on the loop at the top of the ornament so it can hang onto the tree.

Gobble 'Til You Wobble!

I am glad to say that we had a nice, uneventful Thanksgiving!

Josh, myself, Stevie, Sonya and Jordyn all ate a nice dinner and spent time around the house!

I cooked everything and Josh was nice enough to handle the dishes so I could get ready for my "Black Friday" shopping. Here are some photo highlights!

Sonya & Jordyn; Letting her belly hang out!

Stephen making his wishbone-wish!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Deserving of it's own post!

I thought this was SO funny that I would honor it with it's very own post ;)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Stevie B's Wishlist

Gift ideas:

Giftcards are always great to: Walmart, Target, Toys R Us, Old Navy, the GAP, Barnes & Noble, Gymboree are always welcomed!

Colorful Long Johns in 4T in Red $24.95
at Lion-Around Pillow & Blanket, WMT-51L; This would be great for naptime at school! $21.99

“Fishing Buddies” Youth Bucket Hat $9.95 at Personal Creations

I think those exploding valcanos are cool, but Daddy Josh gave me a big, fat NO
$4.99 SH code: HS1178
My Art Place Portfolio, 716602, $19.98

Already Purchased:

*The Leapster 2 hand-held systemwith the following games: Backyardagans, one of the Dora games, and a drawing game,

There were many other games for "Pre-K, 4 and up", but Ratatoulli, the two cars games, walle, and generally the games I had thought I wanted to buy just seemed too advanced for him. We are working on letters, numbers, counting, colors, shapes; Addition, subtraction, reading (etc) are still too advanced for him so I set the other games back.

Small batman ship that shoots things; All of the kids in school talk about their Superheros, thus Stephen comes home talking about them. This morning he told me he wanted his Spiderman underwear. As cute as those would be, I haven't bought those yet!

Package of 3 Bakugon's, the starter kit

He also got a Christmas with Little Critter hardback book and a few books for under the tree.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Roe Anne & Randy know how to throw a Party!

Everyone who really knows me knows that I love Halloween! I love any excuse to dress my son up in a silly costume and take hoards of photographs of him!!

The Real Moms of Bell County, Real-Mommy Roe Anne was kind enough to offer up her home and "command-center-style" kitchen and everyone brought along a dish. I HAD A BLAST! ....Accept for the fact that no one would touch the carrot bread that I brought along!

Please check out that belt buckle made by Randy himself! He's not too proud to sport red, pink, and purple rhinestones!

The kiddos all wore their costumes, but it was little Cash whose costume truly made the party. Cash was festive, down to his little orange and bat-covered skivies that you could see through his Buzz Lightyear pants! Everytime I saw dear Cashy from the "rear-view" I laughed!

Miss Lillian was adorable (as always). I thought it was appropriate that our little Runaway bride was driving the car with Alison.

Lillian's little sister Lydia came to the party as a sweet Tulip.

Rhandi had joked about her and Brian coming as "Jon & Kate", but I was prepared for her to come costume-less.

Candy Rhandi was pinned.

Little brother to Buzz Lightyear was Woody (Little Carter). He just melted my heart looking at his cute chubby cheeks walking around in this one piece costume. He was so stinking cute!

Another sibiling duo dressed to impressed were the Streeter kids, Jeramiah and Allison.

I am missing some kiddos in here, but William and Allyson Stanford came to the party as Tinkerbell and Peter Pan, Auburn's boys were a Mummy and a Transformer, Laura Lichy's son Henry came as Indiana Jones, Logan and Collin made up their own Suction cup and shark man costumes, Jessica's son, Jack, was a Lumberjack and Lily came as Dorthy and boy, did she wear her costume well!

The kids decorated their own cupcakes. Jeramiah's was a rediculous blog of frosting.

His cupcake makes my teeth ache just looking at it!

At the end of the party we handed out ribbons. Randy was awarded "Funniest" thanks to that belt buckle and Jeramiah got "Scariest" since he was in such a "scary" mood all night! This is Lily in her ribbon:

Happy Halloween, Everyone! <3 The Moody Chiperno'ss