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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Half My Heart is Coming Home From Afghanistan!

My husband finally took my hints (Hints...Umm...Let's pretend I was that subtle...) and sent me photographs of him in Afghanistan and I wanted to share them! Please keep in mind that these were taken with a 35mm $4 disposable camera, and then shipped through the heat (some actually were ruined from the heat, but at least I have some!) so they are not by any means gorgeous photographs, but they are better than nothing.

I have now been able to take a peak at Josh's living quarters. They are not by any means remotely like the photographs the ARMY showed before he left. I remember them saying that what we were shown would be the worst-case scenario, and Josh's living area is much, much "worst-case" than anything pictured at that briefing. Anyhow, though, Josh is healthy and will be home soon. I also want to say that I doubt he'll have the urge to go camping anytime soon...

**NOTE: I was sent pictures of the bathroom and toilet area (I DID say I wanted to see everything!) The areas were far worse than I thought they would be and given the nature of the room, I am just going to not gross everyone out and keep those pictures blog-free.

This is the collage Josh has on his wall. Well, the stocking was up from Christmas; I'll have to ask if it's still there, but I doubt it. I want to say that I immediately though, "Oh, porn on his wall. Nice."

...But then I quickly remembered/admitted that I sent that calendar to him, so I can't really go complaining about it, right? Man, wouldn't that be setting him up for failure? Lol!

Dun Dun Duh....
And this is his "room":

And this is their "hallway" separating Josh from his SEVEN (Yes, I said SEVEN) other roommates.

All I can say is that if this is how he has been living as an E6 with 10 years of service working a desk job at Branch, then I can ONLY IMAGINE how he would be living if he had the job he has had on previous deployments working infantry!


  1. Yea, I understand the camping thing! Tim gave up walking after coming home. LOL, he said he walked for 18 months, he was going to drive everywhere!
    Looks like a pretty yucky places hes staying:( Glad he will be home soon! I love the pics on the wall, at least there are way more of you than the calendar;)
    Thanks for posting those, I think we all forget how much the troops go through to protect our freedoms! I have to admit, I am strangely curious about the bathrooms:)

  2. Post ALL the pics! I want to see the bathroom pics as well!

    When is he coming home?

  3. grinx76 = Nicole under Johns computer... =P