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Monday, February 15, 2010

Adults Only

Roe Anne and Randy invited us over Saturday for a our first Adult Only Mardi Gras party. It was a good time! We tried food, such as alligator, that I would never try otherwise! We were gifted beads as we walked in and chatted a bit. My favorite part, though, was the end of the night when we busted out "Just Dance" on the wii and the karaoke games!

Carla kicked some serious butt. She's welcome on my team anytime! I have never actually heard anyone sing "Eye of the Tiger" well before her!

My Sweet Valentine's

I am happy to say that this Valentine's Day was the best ever :)
Ours was even extended an additional day. Who needs Presiden't Day when you can just have a two-day Valentine's? We woke up this morning and visited the Day's home. The kiddos ran around outside and didn't seem to care that it was too cold out. They also made the cutest mailboxes to hold their cards and treats!

I did, however, have a failure. See this?

Yes, well, it's SUPPOSED to look like this:

Stephen got a little valentine from mommy and daddy. It can be transformed into a boat or a plane also. The kid has mad skills with those itty bitty legos, but daddy did help a bit!

Stevie entertained himself for quite a while. You had to see him with his cars. Apparently they all needed a nap!

My honey cooked my steak in the shape of a heart. Josh definately earned an honorable mention in my blog. The sweet boy some days!

School valentine party and mommy & daddy's card. I loved it!

Josh had two Valentine gifts this year because he deserves them. He was DYING for the coffee maker; We now have two (which is stupid, but whatever). The mug pictures are included because I usually get that mug with very similar messages. THE MUG is FAMOUS in my stories of my husband, but it was me who was annoying this morning.

This is Josh's OTHER present. Hopefully we'll get a little better at cooking with it :) It's his "Man" grille. Oh, Lord. *Rolls Eyes*

Happy Birthday ME!

Texas Caviar

If you have not tried this recipe yet, Do so, as it is very yummy!

Texas Caviar Recipe

You'll need:

1 can of garbanzo beans

1 can of black beans

1 can of kidney beans

1 can of corn

2 avocados

1 small yellow onion

a bunch of cilantro

Italian dressing


lime juice


To make:

Drain the beans and corn well. Put them in a bowl.

Chop up the onion into very small pieces. Add them.

Add about 1/3 bottle of Italian dressing to the mixture. Squirt in a whole buncha lime juice. Add some sugar. Like a 1/2 cup or something. And then add some salt. I love salt. Stir well. Cover. Chill overnight in the refrigerator.

Before serving, drain the Texas Caviar quickly in a colander. Cube up the avocado and add it. Rip up as much cilantro as you want and add it too. Toss together.

Serve with blue corn chips. Or Fritos. Or do what I did when I had guests last week and add some shredded smoked chicken breast and eat it with a fork as a salad.

Yum. Yum. YUM!

Monday, February 8, 2010

*Sigh* The Curse Strikes Again

The back yard is completely worse. I am worried of water damage to our shed, fence and FOUNDATION. Our patio is ruined as is our new patio furniture. More pictures to come....

Do you see that river in my front yard? Oh it was even worse when the rain was coming down....

Theyre building behind us and the builders decided to use are back off as their run off. Apparently they think theyre above paying to irrigate. They suck. Im cursed. My curse sucks. Im going to bed....

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Pinching Pennies

I am cursed. Have you ever heard me say this? Well, it's true. My curse strikes again...!

My taxes were filed on the 17th and the IRS chart says I would receive my return on the 29th of January. I figured I would pay bills and we would be fine. Ah-Ha! My curse sure got me and our taxes have never made it to us.

Anyhow, we have been in need of groceries but I have kept holding out for Fridays thinking this extra money was going to come. Alas, each Friday morning I have gone online to check our sad account balance kicking myself for not budgeting in my curse.

I finally broke down this morning and bought groceries. Since I have thought about doing this for some time, I had stacks of coupons from the mail, from and from facebook offers. On the way to Walmart Roe Anne was nice enough to give me three $4 off coupons, so I went with a fist full of paper and took forever wandering Walmart.... But it was worth it.

Today I saved $47 on grocery shopping even though my total was only $202. The checkout was a bit of a hassel, but Stephen was home with Josh so really, I'll live. I think that Walmart is usually pretty fair price-wise, but for me to save nearly $50's more just makes me feel super thrifty! I had better go pick up my Sunday paper so I don't miss any other good deals.

I thought I should share my new thrifty finds! I love "CouponGal" on facebook. I also have been keeping an eye out for freebies offered through I have started using ebates, which is super simple when purchasing online, you just have to remember to go to ebates before making your purchase. In addition, I have been looking at's coupons and printing them out. Super easy.

In addition, I signed up to be a panel member and was mailed a scanner. Today was our first scanning (attempt) and tomorrow I transmit. I am not sure if this is worth our while, but we're giving it a try. If it goes over well Ill blog more later.

I am totally looking forward to this week, minus the 11th when I turn another year older. There will be lots of Valentine things and Saturday night we're going to the Day's home for "Adult Only" night. Heck yeah!