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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Throwing in the Towel

The above (adorable) photo of Stephen and the dollhouse was taken during probably the only 3 minutes today in which he was not in time out or of which he did not deserve to be in time out.

It is past my bedtime; I am blogging at 1 minute until 1am because I'm not ready to face tomorrow morning. I am tired, I want to sleep, but I adamantly do not want to wake up to another day like today.

Most days I am very proud of Stephen but today, all day, he was a beast. I thought the hitting days were behind us, but today showed me that I was wrong. Rhandi's poor kids were getting beat up left and right and Stephen was in time out half the day it felt like. He would cry "I'm sorry," but then I'd see him do the same thing a minute later! Today I am ready for Josh to be home and share in this wonderful thing we call parenting.

Stephen did not get a nap in today which is completely my fault and did not remotely help our situation. Even still, when we got home from Rhandi's home around 8pm he flat out refused to go to sleep. He wanted milk. No, now he wants popcorn (Or "Pup corn" as he says it). I gave him grapes, but he thought this was unsatisfactory and after an hour of arguing with me, following me around with that terrible whine that I was trying my best to ignore, he took one bite of a grape and spit it out when I tried to praise him.

Tomorrow he sees Brandon in the early afternoon and later, around four, he is seeing Laurie. I am praying that he plays nice with them and, for my sake, keeps the whining to a minimal. Oh, how I wait for the day that I can spend an entire day with him without crying or whining or tantrum throwing or anything of that sort for a full 24 hours. That would be the best present EVER. Who needs flowers when you can have silence?


  1. Poor Steven the boy was just tired. Things will get better. These are the "good years"

  2. Aw, sorry you had such a bad day! Hope tomorrow is better!