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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

And a few steps back....

I couldn't not post these....

My kid is so darn cute!

Sad to See You Go!

First off, let me say that I adore the thought of being a blogger-mom; However, quite frankly, there's just not enough hours in a day for me to complete all of the miniscule tasks I assign myself. SO consider this blog a small recap of the past week.....

My Uncle Bill and Aunt Mary came in the day before I turned 26 to visit and they leave in just a few hours. : ( Boo!!

My Aunt and I did not have the constant urges to strangle each other (this is a first! One that my dad, aunt, Sonya, and my Uncle have even pointed out in a shocked tone...!)! We did a bunch of things, (and I should add ATE a bunch more things...) and they were so helpful with Stephen! Just tonight he even shelled out some kisses to his Auntie. I can honestly say I am NOT looking forward to tomorrow-- He's going to be so sad to not see his "Grandmas". (Yes, Bill and Mary are BOTH "Grandmas" Stephen tells us.) I know I am in for it!

We went to Austin, we celebrated my 26th Birthday, Valentine's day, their tenth anniversary, we made a trip to Austin and another trip to Topsey, Texas and went on the drive-through Safari, we visited Fort Hood and Salado and went for a wine-tasting and topped it off with two back-to-back days watching Stephen tire himself out in the back yard.

My husband is terribly homesick and I am missing him like crazy. If it were not for his emails right now, I would be sleeping and be yet another blog behind :)
He's worth the lack of sleep though!

OH I had to officially become a Texan today. Phoo-ey. I'll download my license if it ever comes through the mail (and if it's a good photo!) for ya'all here soon.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Getting There ~ Office Decore

Our office is finally getting there! I have a 5x7 simple rug to add in and two black and white damask pattern curtains are being added-in next to the black curtains. I need to add pictures into the frame and I still need a new black stand for the TV to go on top of (Ikea trip?) I'm trying to convince Josh that the office chair needs to be white and I am doing some finishing touches around the room. I am SO much happier with this office and it is SO much easier to keep clean. Yay! I am also waiting for a decal for the wall across from the desk. I'll be sure to add a picture when it's here and on the wall!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Everything is Funny as Long as it Happens to Someone Else

I've been telling Donna Evans that everytime I leave the house I have an issue, therefore I should just always stay at home. I have just been irritated by one stupid thing after another lately. Anyhow, against my better judgement, we have been out and about a lot this weekend. We have done a lot of shopping, but we have not spent much. (Josh will love that last part!)

Friday we also got Stephen's Valentine's Day portraits finished. Isn't he too cute?