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Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Mama is a Nut Job

So I just received this email from the coordinator of my ranting blog from two days ago. I guess I knew it was coming. I am surprised (though I shouldn't be) that she managed to bring her daughter into it. Why? I'm not quite sure, but for some reason that always happens.

I want to say that the first paragraph is really what was sent to me; The other two paragraphs are her bringing her kid and family into this muck she is creating. I don't understand it either. Very poorly written.

I have not responded and I think it would be ill-advised to do so. Though I want to, really bad. (Thus I am blogging.) I think this email shows very clearly that I am being baited. She wants me to respond so she can boot me and then say "Oh, well Stephanie harassed me," or "Can you believe Stephanie said --this-- to me?!" I will not give her that easy out. She has done this to so many other mamas and they took the bait which let her push the "remove" button and then she could say how mean the other mamas or how out of line they were to her.


To: "steph - Tots@Play"

Date: Thursday, April 2, 2009, 4:16 PM

The event was posted as you wrote it. I stated it was my issue not anyone else's and that I would post whatever arrangements were made. This was never ignoring anyone. I couldn't in my right mind post a MNO and a Blind wine on the same night and feel good about it. As I stated my issues. (HUH?)
I would appreciate in the future if you have a problem with me taking it up in private. I feel not everyone should have to read such things. You don't like me that's fine. I have a few short months with my daughter before she starts kindergarten and I don't need the stress that has been there. I have been very minded to leave you alone and to stay away from you. I would like to ask you to please do the same for me. You may not see that your words cause such stress but they do and I cannot take it any longer.
As I said I have a few short wonderful months left with her before she is at school all day long, and I would like to take full advantage of them without worrying about being barked at on the message boards or anywhere else. Thank you for your time. Good day.

xxHubbyXX, xxCrazyNutxx, and lil miss xxDaughterxx

This is how she talks to people in "private", first off, so I think it is obvious why I went to the message boards instead. Secondly, I do not bark. I am not a dog. I also feel the need to say I DID contact her in private first TWICE and then she ignored me. She said she would post the event, but then she did not (because it was me asking her to versus someone anyone else).

I don't know what it was that turned her into this nasty, mean, vengeful person, but I am trying my best over her not to fall to her level. She is not acting like a stable adult. There is something wrong with this woman. She desperately needs to find something to do with her time.

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