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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Off to a Good Start

I'm feeling pretty good today; Well, the day is almost over, but still, I feel good. My house is relatively clean, my garbage is out, my to-do list is reasonable enough and I'm feeling energized for this week.

I spoke to Josh this morning and while he was on I could tell he was doing 1,000 other things, but I could tell he missed us and wanted to be eating Stephen's "pupcorn" breakfast with him. (That's all he ever wants to eat the last three days. I'm trying to talk him out of it, but this morning I figured a breakfast of popcorn wouldn't hurt him just this once.)

William's party yesterday was fun. And big. Rhandi doesn't mess around when she throws a party-- We all couldn't fit into the party "room", and we were fed well and the goody bags were Good Bags. Okay Ha ha I'm not funny, but I've got to try.

**William at one and now at two**


  1. Man your friend has a good looking Thanks for coming we had a blast!

  2. Kaleb eats alot of popcorn too! Cocorn we call it;) William is adorable! He looks so grown up!!