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Monday, March 9, 2009

My Hero

The last few months I have been trying to find things to do that don't cost money. One day I decided that one of my husband's careless questions bothered me; "Why don't you ever read any of these books?" I decided that, just to show Josh (HA!) I would read a few of those books I am always buying.

Anyhow, recently the Adam Walsh case hit the news and it said that they finally closed the case. None of the articles I read said what this "new" clue was, and an article I read spoke of John Walsh's (America's Most Wanted Host and father of the murdered Adam Walsh, 6) anger towards the people handling his son's case, about the media, the courts, etc. I decided to do some google-ing and I found that Mr. Walsh has written three books and produced several movies and even Oscar-winning videos to teach kids how to handle an emergency and strangers.

I was vaguely aware of what happened to Mr. Walsh's son, but I never really heard who/what/where/how. I also did not have the slightest idea of all the things the Walsh family has done since the horrible murder in 1982. I just want to say, that if I could shake any one single person's hand it would be John Walsh's. He is strong and amazing and has done so many great things. I have just finished reading two of his three books and I have even found myself on the website.

I have personally been through the Alaska court system for over two years and I can tell you that my case has been very costly and been riddled with mistakes. I can also tell you that no one representing the state or furthermore the US gives. It has made me, my husband, my father, so upset sometimes that we cannot speak. Somedays I just feel so angry, so frusterated, but at least what I have been through was not worse. I read these books and I want to help fix, help solve, and when I read Mr. Walsh's stories I get angry for these victims and their families and I feel like I understand at least a fragment of what they go through. His books are amazing; I totally recommend them if you can stomache reading about true crime stories.

I also felt the need to blog something that Mr. Walsh has pressed on AMW and in all of his books: Not to question your instincts. He says in his book, "I have said it before and I will say it again: If I could will one change into the world, if I could shake every cop and sheriff and state trooper and park ranger in this country by the shoulders and scream into their faces and get them to understand one thing, it is this: When you get a report of a missing person, do not wait! I know that resources are strained, I know that most of the time the so-called missing person shows up a few hours later, with a mouthful of appologies and sad stories fo broken-down cars and lost maps and closed roads and snowstorms and bad directions. But all you have lost, if you trouble yourself to investigate these nondisappearances, is some time. What you risk losing, if you do not investigate right away, is to much greater. Immeasurably greater."

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