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Friday, March 20, 2009

Is My Bad Luck Contagious?

So on top of the orders to Kentucky, Josh saw an unofficial list of who made the E7 promotion and his name is not on the list. He let me know Obert is, though. *Sting* Anyhow, his request to leave the unit is on the last person's desk. The paper had been sent back to them with a request for a blurb to be added, so he added it and sent it back, but no more word on it.

He doesn't even want to talk to me because he's so upset. He was really looking forward to that promotion. Now he's going to sign up for more schools and once he gets home I still won't see him because it will be one school after another (again).

I feel terrible and I just want to hug and kiss my hubby.

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