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Monday, January 26, 2009

This Time Last Year

Check out my little Stud Stevie one year and one day ago! I was just reminiscing about "My baby" with Josh this morning when he called. He is SO MUCH bigger and even more independent.

This month last year Stevie B. Good went on his first zoo trip with Tots @ Play, he slept in his toddler bed for the first time, he discovered Hank's Town and the Radijazz Playnasium, he traveled Austin with daddy, and took home his first dog, Lucy Lou. I know that last year when Stephen first did all of these things, that I thought these were just average run-of-the-mill days. Now part of me misses the messy face pictures I could take of him in his highchair and the big "Good Morning" smile he gave me from behind his crib. My little guy isn't so little already!


  1. It's wild to see the changes that happen in a single year. You'll have to put together a montage of face pics over the last 2 years! Watch those cheeks become less 'baby' and more 'boy'. Lovin' your blog!! <3

  2. I added your blog to follow! Thanks again for taking Logan to Chuck E Cheese last night and for playing trains with Stephen. He racked out when he got home and slept until 7:45!