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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Our Blogger Beginning

Rhandi has been on me to join blogger. I guess I can't just say no to her nagging. :)

Stephen B is 29 Months now. He is mastering the art of the terrible two's! Okay Okay...That's not entirely true. He has been very well behaved this week, but he wants to do everything on his own. Today at Walmart he wanted to push the kart even though he had to touch the handle on his tippy toes. Captain Stevie wanted to navigate me through the store (to the toy section, of course!). Everyone was watching him direct me and laughing, then he would sometimes stop to offer a stranger an apple slice from the baggie in his hand. That's my boy! Last but not least, he LOVES to swipe my card at checkout and even wants to sign his name.

The hubby Josh is in Afghanistan and we miss him terribly. He sounds very bored and is planning all sorts of projects when he gets back. He's also constantly plotting his truck purchase and infact declared, "It's all I want for Christmas." Isn't he reasonable?

I am much less entertaining than my better parts. I sleep late (sometimes past noon). As an example of how extremely lame I am, the highlight of my day today was a purchase I made at Walmart....Two new pillows. Exciting, right?

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