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Monday, October 19, 2009

Visiting Silo Pumpkin Patch

The Moody Chiperno Family spent the Saturday at the Silo Pumpkin Patch.

Honestly, the past two years this event was great and I had really looked forward to this weekend, but I was quite disappointed. This year they raised their prices and the crowds were tremendous. It was a lot of effort to get out there and at 10am it was fine, but by 10:30 the place was downright mad. Josh had to stand in line to get tickets and after his hour in line, we were all farmed-out and ready to leave. Poor Joshy :(

And wouldn't you believe it-- We completely forgot to take our own family picture. OOps.

I did get a shot of the Stanfords in, though. I thought this "oops" shot was too funny!

Such a beautiful family, but I managed to take such a bad photo!

I tried to "redeem" myself. Ahh, at least William's adorable, right?

And of course shots of the girls


and Artem with Mommy Susan

And Artem again because he's stinking cute!



Heather & kiddos


Cutest Little Monster EVER


  1. Man, your little man can really pose!!! He is adorable!!

  2. Great photos! Love the Stanfords' outtake! :) Bummer we had to miss out!

  3. Steph you nailed those colors!!! You go girl, your pictures look great!

  4. Thank you, Susan! I keep looking at some of your shots and thinking the same darn thing!