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Monday, October 19, 2009

Welcome Jordyn & Sonya

My friend since I first moved to Alaska, Sonya, has been having a rough time in Virginia and this week arrived to stay with us and get on her feet. She came toting her daughter, Jordyn, who is cute as ever, as you can see.

We have the girls fairly well settled in. We have returned their UHaul and have a storage unit. Sonya also spent today online applying for various jobs and updating her resume. While mommy did that, Jordyn played with me and "helped" around the house.

I am also proud to note that Stephen has been very sweet to this baby, which has been a bit of a pleasant surprise. Stephen tends to be weary of babies usually, but he has been quite the "big boy" with Jordyn around. He's still a bit possesive of his toys, but he is sharing a lot better than I had anticipated and even goes out of his way to check on her and to say goodnight.

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