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Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Moody Chiperno's Ride On THOMAS the TRAIN!

I have been excited for quite a bit about today: We bought tickets for "A Day Out With Thomas!"

I have heard great things about this event from other friends who have gone and we were not disappointed! I had it planned out better than I plan most things. *Smile*
This morning Stephen woke up and put on a train shirt and his Alaska Railroad socks. Just before we gathered into the truck I gave Stephen a present that has been wrapped since last Christmas, that I had been holding on to for just the right time.

Stephen loved his new train and will hopefully like it that much more once I put batteries in it! I packed his train whistle, pretzels, his conductor hat, and off the Moody Chiperno's went!

Our friends Carla, Ian, and Aaron pulled in at just the same time as we did.

Stephen seemed most excited just to see Ian! I mean, really, what's so cool about Thomas the Train coming to a town near you when you can play with Ian?

The boys went and got their Thomas Tattoos and colored some pictures for their moms.

Then they let us snap a few photos of them and we checked out the "Storytime" area. The train conductor-dressed man thought our kids were the cutest (of course) and offered to let them have a photo with the big Thomas storybook.

After the story area, we got to check out a small petting zoo. Stephen's favorite part was feeding the goats and he was determined on getting them to eat from his hand!

From the petting zoo the boys ran around a small hay maze and right into line for an inflatable slide. Stephen was quick to climb it and even quicker sliding down it!

By this time Stephen was no longer on his best behavior and mommy was thankful that after we rode Thomas it would be naptime! Even daddy looked like he could use a little shut eye.

Soon, though, Thomas pulled into the station!

Stephen and Ian had their pictures with Thomas snapped first.

Stephen looks as if he is on a mission!

Then, finally, it was time to board Thomas! As we sat in our seat and Thomas chugged on, we answered Thomas trivia and learned about how Thomas drove, stopped, and turned.


  1. Good times! When I feel better, I'll put my photos on a disc for you. Thanks for meeting up with us. (I felt fine until I woke up from my nap. I sure hope you don't get this.)

  2. Can't wait until we go tomorrow now! Looks like a blast and thanks for sharing!!!