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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Fun at the Fall Festival

Friday was my first visit into Stephen's classroom. I have really wanted to go, but their day consists of napping and learning and I have been worried that if I was in the classroom it would deter Stephen from learning. When I heard that they were having a pajama day and handing out treats, I thought that it was just the chance to go to school that I have been waiting for!

Stephen was ready to go in his monster PJ's and didn't seem at all to question why mommy dressed him in pajamas.

I got to the school at one o'clock with a bag of stickers, play doh, cheese sticks and apple slices. I noticed that Jeramiah, the boy whose nap mat is next to Stephen's, did not nap at naptime. Then I heard Stevie's light snores :)

When I tried to wake my sleeping monster, he told me "please lay down, mommy", and rolled back over and went right back to sleep.

When it was time to get up the kiddos all put away their nap mats and were instantly jazzed! Each one was excited to have a parent in the room and wanted me to open things for them or take pictures of them.

It was nice to see how Stephen interacted with all of the kids and their different personalities and backrounds. I also took a lot of time checking out the artwork and although the kids range in age, I felt that things such as Stephen's artwork looked equal to those of his classmates. As being a first time mom, you learn what is typical of your child but not necessarily what is typical of other children in their age-range. It really let me see that Stephen is doing what his friends in class are doing and I didn't see him as being "behind" in any way.

I included that play doh picture because I was pretty proud of how Stephen used his "bug" to create a bug outline with his play doh. The other boys seemed to think it was cool, too, but when many of them went to do what Stephen did they would put their bugs in the doh feet-first rather than back-first. The play doh was a good call and all of the kids seemed to enjoy playing with it!

Out of nowhere Stephen grabbed his "loot" and in no uncertain terms told me it was time for us to find daddy.

I was sure to take and include the picture of him ready to go. I am positive this will make Carla smile and remember her first time really meeting my Stephen at McDonald's and hoarding his "Chicken nuggies" under his chin because heaven's forbid anyone else eat one! Ahh....My Stephen; Some things never change!!

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