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Sunday, October 4, 2009

So much to do, So Little Time

"SIT HERE, Mommy!"

I am terribly behind in updating my blog. There are so many adorable pictures of Sir Stevie that I have just not made the time to share. My appologies.

I have had a LOT going on lately; Diane's baby shower was this past weekend, and we have an even busier weekend coming soon... I have also been trying to help Sonya and her daughter Jordan relocate here to Texas. Somedays lately it has felt like I have more errands to run then time to run them all in!

What else? We finally celebrated our two year anniversary Sept 14th!! Yay us! This is oddly enough the first time we have really celebrated being married; I mean our wedding consisted of a "hey, Ill bet you'll chicken out," on his lunch break, our first anniversary we were on different continents....So this year was kind of overdue. On our actual anniversary we sat our butts on the couch and watched TV after cooking a nice dinner together. Josh also let me buy a new prime lens for my camera and we reserved a table for a dinner at Dead Fish Grill in Belton where they had one of the Hell's Kitchen Chefs prepare us dinner. Chef Koi made a pan seared bass that I am itching to reinvent in my kitchen and it was served over black rice and was delicious! I have been on the lookout for black rice and I'm DYING to see if Heather and Brandy will give it a try. If you see it somewhere grab it for me! Apparently it's hard to find around here. (Seeing as I cannot find it! If I can't find something it's got to be hard to find!)

Besides all of this, Stephen is doing very well in school and I am proud to announce that soon he will be pull-up-less in school! WHOO-who! Peer pressure can do some good!

Last but not least, Susan has been schooling Rhandi and I on how to use these pricey cameras we had to have on manual. The "M" is still pretty intimidating to me. This will be our third week of schooling and while I am less intimidated, I need to memorize my notes!!! We are watching her and playing as her assistants for a free "Naughty Mama" photo shoot this Tuesday. Who said playdates had to stop when the kids started school?!

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  1. Love the update! That is too funny about "I bet you will chicken out!" I want to hear the whole story!