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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Beginning of '10!

Ever feel like you have 1,010 things to do and no time or sometimes drive to do it? Well, that's the summary of my month.

I have been a bad blogging mommy this month; And not "Bad" as in cool, but bad as in 'poorly'.

At least my boys are adorable. :)

Even my bigger boy

Occasionally, even Lucy is cute. (She went to pee on our carpet shortly after the taking of this photo and I'm still a wee bit bitter. Darn dog.)

Thankfully, we have been motivated to do some home improvements. These are my super duper handy Joshy shelves in the laundry room. I'll be REALLY wowed when they get a final coat of paint and the ones on the other side get built! *Hint* *Hint*

We are also working on revamping Stevie's room into a "big boy" room. It is going to have a vintage football theme and I will be thrilled to finish it and be able to blog the finished results! The color is a light creamy yellow and this is what I am plotting:

I guess that's all for us. Night, ya'all

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