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Friday, January 1, 2010

New York in Review

New York was not the trip we envisioned. I know that a few have been checking in to see what we did there, so I am going to post a few pictures to "get you by." Lol

Stevie & Santa in Texas

My Sleeping Cookie Monster....

Painting presents

Other than playing with the Ipod I should have made him wait to open, this is what Josh did to "help" me pack. Ahh At least they were out of my hair!

Josh's favorite present. If I knew he wouldn't want to put it down I probably would have waited to suggest he open it!

Grandpa Dan in Washington sent him this Lego set! The Stanfords gave Stephen the other set of the "Krusty Krab". I did not know the Legos would be as small as they are, but Stephen and those nimble fingers are pretty darn good at them anyhow!


The driveway didn't really need to be plowed but Josh was dying to get his hands on that beast.

This is Damian, my cousin Trisha's youngest before his first haircut. I never did catch a photo of his sister Cameron (3) or their older brother Shawn (9). Cameron is the spitting image of our late Grandma Joan

I brought both Damian and Stephen to see Santa. Both pictures were TERRIBLE. See for yourself!

Grandpa and Stevie braving the weather

My handsome hubby on Christmas Eve

So I am no Betty Crocker!

Josh used my camera to break his fall. I knew that grip would pay off, I just didn't know that it would be in this way!

This is Saratoga's $20,000,000 home lit up for the holidays!

My dad with his friend John Nelson

*Shake* *Shake* *Shake*
Stephen enjoying his favorite past-time; Opening presents!

Stephen and Grandpa were given matching Converse this year!

Thank you, Pat! Like always, your presents were a big hit! I had actually looked for something like this for him. Good find!

Playing while we pack

Glad to be flying home!

Happy New Year

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