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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Pinching Pennies

I am cursed. Have you ever heard me say this? Well, it's true. My curse strikes again...!

My taxes were filed on the 17th and the IRS chart says I would receive my return on the 29th of January. I figured I would pay bills and we would be fine. Ah-Ha! My curse sure got me and our taxes have never made it to us.

Anyhow, we have been in need of groceries but I have kept holding out for Fridays thinking this extra money was going to come. Alas, each Friday morning I have gone online to check our sad account balance kicking myself for not budgeting in my curse.

I finally broke down this morning and bought groceries. Since I have thought about doing this for some time, I had stacks of coupons from the mail, from and from facebook offers. On the way to Walmart Roe Anne was nice enough to give me three $4 off coupons, so I went with a fist full of paper and took forever wandering Walmart.... But it was worth it.

Today I saved $47 on grocery shopping even though my total was only $202. The checkout was a bit of a hassel, but Stephen was home with Josh so really, I'll live. I think that Walmart is usually pretty fair price-wise, but for me to save nearly $50's more just makes me feel super thrifty! I had better go pick up my Sunday paper so I don't miss any other good deals.

I thought I should share my new thrifty finds! I love "CouponGal" on facebook. I also have been keeping an eye out for freebies offered through I have started using ebates, which is super simple when purchasing online, you just have to remember to go to ebates before making your purchase. In addition, I have been looking at's coupons and printing them out. Super easy.

In addition, I signed up to be a panel member and was mailed a scanner. Today was our first scanning (attempt) and tomorrow I transmit. I am not sure if this is worth our while, but we're giving it a try. If it goes over well Ill blog more later.

I am totally looking forward to this week, minus the 11th when I turn another year older. There will be lots of Valentine things and Saturday night we're going to the Day's home for "Adult Only" night. Heck yeah!

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