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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Roe Anne & Randy know how to throw a Party!

Everyone who really knows me knows that I love Halloween! I love any excuse to dress my son up in a silly costume and take hoards of photographs of him!!

The Real Moms of Bell County, Real-Mommy Roe Anne was kind enough to offer up her home and "command-center-style" kitchen and everyone brought along a dish. I HAD A BLAST! ....Accept for the fact that no one would touch the carrot bread that I brought along!

Please check out that belt buckle made by Randy himself! He's not too proud to sport red, pink, and purple rhinestones!

The kiddos all wore their costumes, but it was little Cash whose costume truly made the party. Cash was festive, down to his little orange and bat-covered skivies that you could see through his Buzz Lightyear pants! Everytime I saw dear Cashy from the "rear-view" I laughed!

Miss Lillian was adorable (as always). I thought it was appropriate that our little Runaway bride was driving the car with Alison.

Lillian's little sister Lydia came to the party as a sweet Tulip.

Rhandi had joked about her and Brian coming as "Jon & Kate", but I was prepared for her to come costume-less.

Candy Rhandi was pinned.

Little brother to Buzz Lightyear was Woody (Little Carter). He just melted my heart looking at his cute chubby cheeks walking around in this one piece costume. He was so stinking cute!

Another sibiling duo dressed to impressed were the Streeter kids, Jeramiah and Allison.

I am missing some kiddos in here, but William and Allyson Stanford came to the party as Tinkerbell and Peter Pan, Auburn's boys were a Mummy and a Transformer, Laura Lichy's son Henry came as Indiana Jones, Logan and Collin made up their own Suction cup and shark man costumes, Jessica's son, Jack, was a Lumberjack and Lily came as Dorthy and boy, did she wear her costume well!

The kids decorated their own cupcakes. Jeramiah's was a rediculous blog of frosting.

His cupcake makes my teeth ache just looking at it!

At the end of the party we handed out ribbons. Randy was awarded "Funniest" thanks to that belt buckle and Jeramiah got "Scariest" since he was in such a "scary" mood all night! This is Lily in her ribbon:

Happy Halloween, Everyone! <3 The Moody Chiperno'ss

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