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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Stevie B's Wishlist

Gift ideas:

Giftcards are always great to: Walmart, Target, Toys R Us, Old Navy, the GAP, Barnes & Noble, Gymboree are always welcomed!

Colorful Long Johns in 4T in Red $24.95
at Lion-Around Pillow & Blanket, WMT-51L; This would be great for naptime at school! $21.99

“Fishing Buddies” Youth Bucket Hat $9.95 at Personal Creations

I think those exploding valcanos are cool, but Daddy Josh gave me a big, fat NO
$4.99 SH code: HS1178
My Art Place Portfolio, 716602, $19.98

Already Purchased:

*The Leapster 2 hand-held systemwith the following games: Backyardagans, one of the Dora games, and a drawing game,

There were many other games for "Pre-K, 4 and up", but Ratatoulli, the two cars games, walle, and generally the games I had thought I wanted to buy just seemed too advanced for him. We are working on letters, numbers, counting, colors, shapes; Addition, subtraction, reading (etc) are still too advanced for him so I set the other games back.

Small batman ship that shoots things; All of the kids in school talk about their Superheros, thus Stephen comes home talking about them. This morning he told me he wanted his Spiderman underwear. As cute as those would be, I haven't bought those yet!

Package of 3 Bakugon's, the starter kit

He also got a Christmas with Little Critter hardback book and a few books for under the tree.


  1. Just to let everyone know I got the little one the~ Colorful Long Johns in 4T in Red $24.95