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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Things I Learned at My First Monster Truck Show

One of the first things I learned was that, perhaps, I should have bought some ear plugs.

The ear plugs would have been a wonderful option to protect me from lesson two....If you buy your kid a big bag of c.c. (Not crack cocaine....But almost the same thing)....He will finish the entire bag in 3 seconds flat and he will touch you and hug you and shake sticky fingers at you the rest of the night.

c.c.= cotton candy; Oh, lord.

Lesson three, which was also quickly learned, was that a comfortable pair of flats was a poor choice. Also, apparently garbage cans are not necessary at a function such as this-- you just throw whatever you are finished with on the floor. I guess since it's indoors it's not littering...?

You WILL see more mullets than you have ever seen at one time, You WILL see rows of people sporting hunter's camo designed clothing, every other person WILL have a 40 ounce beer can, and the people sitting in front of you WILL buy their kids flags.

At intermission I saw that every person around us left and bought earplugs and earmuffs. I can try to tell myself it was because the trucks were so loud, but I really know the truth....It was because STEPHEN was so loud! I found myself "shusshing" him throughout the whole thing. I guess if your kid is going to be unbearably loud, this is the place for him to be....And he certainly was. He saw everything he has dreamed about in his four short years. Stephen saw motorcycle flips,

even a Monster Truck flip over.

He saw rednecks in their clunkers do things his mom and dad will never do with their vehicles.

He even drove in a real Monster Truck, though if he tells you about it he's going to call it the "Monster Truck School Bus".

I can file this away under "things I never thought I'd pay to do", but all-in-all I had a great date night with my little man. I wish Josh had been a part of it, too.

Stephen got to meet all of the drivers. This is Stephen with the "Bounty Hunter" Matchbox Monster Truck, the real Monster Truck, and the driver who was a very nice guy.


  1. I laughed out loud as I read this post, especially in the cotton candy part. Although I'm kinda envious of you guys, since you're able to watch a monster truck show. It's been a while since I watched one and I haven't even experienced riding one yet.

    Dante Mallet