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Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Dreaded Diet

This week has been spent from doctor's office to office. Monday I saw Dr. Ramirez at KD about the sounds in my right ear, and then had to get blood work done. Tuesday Samantha had to see her pediatrician for her two month check up. Wednesday I saw my doctor, and then had to get more blood work. Then today I had to go to KDH for my first MRI to check out this ringing issue with my ear, which also resulted in my third shot; This time to add the dye to my bloodstream.

With Josh gone this month I told myself it's the perfect time to get myself working on losing weight. I need to start working out, which *blush* I can't say I've done much of in the last year. ((I can't believe I admitted that in typing and now all I want to do is list my excuses))

Feeling bad about my weight isn't getting me anywhere and I know I had better start moving and food journal-ing. I feel no need to post my before weight, but it is the highest it has ever been and most of the time I cannot believe I am this big.

After the MRI today I went to Sam's club and spent money I didn't really want to spend, but I bought good looking fruits and veggies, as well as some healthy grab-and-go options. I was diligent in my journal-ing, but to my dismay Rhandi informed me tonight that something I thought had to be the best choice on the menu was in fact not, so day 1 of this diet very well may be a wash.

I met Carla and Aaron at the Olive Garden for lunch and thought "Man, a ceaser salad sounds wonderful!" I didn't eat the croutons but enjoyed everything else assuming it was safe. Apparently that salad with croutons was a whopping 850 calories!

When I looked it up tonight and I added the calories I ate today, I think I am still between my limits, but it stinks that at day 1 I already feel like I slipped up. At least I still have 28 more days before I see my doctor to check-in and hopefully during those days I can knock off a few pound, that will inspire me to do this next month and so on.

As for working out, I can't seem to find a gym that I can honestly say that I think I will be successful with. I hate that everywhere I want to go, there's a daycare flub. I like going to the gym and I like working out, but I also don't want to pay and sign up for a contract if I can't use it, and with Josh gone all the time and about to redeploy, I need something that will work. With that being said, I know I need to work out so tonight was Day 1 of the Shred Dvd.

I remember being althletic as a pre-teen and teen, and I remember being flexible and I remember moves such as jumping jacks feeling different than they do today. My push ups are pathetic and doing that routine r e a l l y shows me "Hey, Stupid" and makes me further understand that I've let this happen and now I need to fix it-- it's not going to be any easier if I keep putting it off.

I ended the evening with a snuggle and bottle feed with Sam, and then a nice hot bath. I think tomorrow is going to be a well needed "lazy day" here in the Moody Chiperno household.

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  1. So you're coming to Stroller Strides with me, right? Because I think you should. Just try it. A full week for free!!

    This was just your first day. You made the best decisions you could make with the information available to you. So do NOT beat yourself up or call your day a wash. It wasn't!! You made big changes, BIG. Hello, you didn't get the sausage creamy soup stuff at Olive Garden.

    Something that helps me a lot is to pre-track my days. So I'll figure out what I plan to eat and pre-track the calories and try to stick with the plan. If I change up what I eat, that's okay, too. It's intuitive eating.