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Monday, February 15, 2010

My Sweet Valentine's

I am happy to say that this Valentine's Day was the best ever :)
Ours was even extended an additional day. Who needs Presiden't Day when you can just have a two-day Valentine's? We woke up this morning and visited the Day's home. The kiddos ran around outside and didn't seem to care that it was too cold out. They also made the cutest mailboxes to hold their cards and treats!

I did, however, have a failure. See this?

Yes, well, it's SUPPOSED to look like this:

Stephen got a little valentine from mommy and daddy. It can be transformed into a boat or a plane also. The kid has mad skills with those itty bitty legos, but daddy did help a bit!

Stevie entertained himself for quite a while. You had to see him with his cars. Apparently they all needed a nap!

My honey cooked my steak in the shape of a heart. Josh definately earned an honorable mention in my blog. The sweet boy some days!

School valentine party and mommy & daddy's card. I loved it!

Josh had two Valentine gifts this year because he deserves them. He was DYING for the coffee maker; We now have two (which is stupid, but whatever). The mug pictures are included because I usually get that mug with very similar messages. THE MUG is FAMOUS in my stories of my husband, but it was me who was annoying this morning.

This is Josh's OTHER present. Hopefully we'll get a little better at cooking with it :) It's his "Man" grille. Oh, Lord. *Rolls Eyes*

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  1. So that's why you were posting about Keurigs. You took the plunge! :) I'm still loving mine and I'll be over for dinner cooked on that grill in say about 20 hours! heehee