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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Paging Doctor Chiperno

"Paging Doctor Chiperno," has a nice ring to it, wouldn't you say? Perhaps I will hear this years from now!

Miss Casandra came over to visit today from the Army's MPAT program. She is a very sweet older woman and Stephen is always up for whichever game she has in store. Today she encouraged pretend play and gave Stephen his very own Doctors bag complete with goodies!

Stephen had been throwing a little hissy fit, but I picked him up and sat down next to the patients with him as Dr. Daddy and Nurse Cassandra checked their temperatures and their throats. Dr. Stephen jumped right in to his work! He was bandaging and swiping creams and administering medicine real quickly.

One patient in particular had a real rough day before visiting Doctor Stephen. Apparently he had FIVE boo-boos before coming into Dr. Stephen's practice.

Don't see the fifth boo-boo? That's because poor Mr. Ted E Bear, Jr. had it over his tail. Whoa is Mr. Ted.


  1. Stephen just came in to say: He hurt the ouwie! You see? The bear have an ouwie! The bear! And he's pointing and just being adorable...Lol!