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Thursday, June 25, 2009

What We Were Waiting For!


Before we went to the homecoming ceremony Stephen was saying he was going to, "Kiss daddy," although I don't know how convinced he actually was that daddy was really going to come home. Then at the ceremony Stephen made friends with just about every older kid there. All he wanted was for them to chase him.

My little man was so sweet when the men in uniform came running in. He even saluted when they saluted waving his flag. Awe!!

We are so excited to see Daddy Josh! My husband looks great-- I am proud to report that he has quit smoking and even managed to add a few pounds on.

He cannot believe how tall and talkative Stephen is! Since daddy has been home the two have been getting that quality time in. The first night with daddy Stephen was telling me "Go, You! Go away! My daddy!" And Josh was worried about no longer being the favorite...!

It is so nice having my famiy together. People really take their time together for granted sometimes and I am so thankful for each and every minute of it!

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