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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Stevie B's BDay Wishlist

Really, Stephen doesn't need anything, but since I am his mother, I suppose I should get him something, nevertheless. This list is more or less for me. My friend Rhandi has a "her favorite things" list and I thought that maybe I needed a list for Stephen since I never know what to get him or to suggest to others, and when I see things I think he will like, I often forget about them.

ABC Carrybag, $34.95

Animal Sounds Game
(I think Sonya bought this one!)

Halloween Idea?
Personalized Scrubs for my little Doctor

Pilot Costume

OH! Here's an easy one....He wants those Preschool skates from Walmart; They're like roughly $15 and the kind he wears his shoes when he slips them on. He's always wearing Alison and Jeramiah's when he plays at their house!
This is why I needed to start a list...This is all I can think of....


  1. Oh you can do better than that!!! LOL!

  2. I know but this is all Ive got. Usually when I think of something I buy it on sale and hold on to it until he's "old enough".

  3. That kid is the one kids I know for sure needs nothing and so I'm stumped for his bday. You better start a list.

  4. a bought the Galt games "animal soundtrack" game

  5. Don't buy the skates :) I think someone is buying them already