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Monday, February 14, 2011

Why You Need to Join EBATES :)

About every four months I have been receiving checks in the mail. Today I received one for $16.34, which is the smallest check I have received yet. Cross my heart and hope to die.....This is F R E E money! only takes a few minutes to sign up and all you have to do before you make an online purchase is go to this website before you make your purchase, scroll their list until you see the store you are about to shop at, click on that stores name, and ebates will automatically pull up another page to that site for you. That's all you have to do-- Just that simple!

I have been harping on Rhandi to sign up. It takes two seconds and works at every store I shop at with the exceptions of Gymboree and their other stores. I use this every time i shop at: Shutterfly, the Gap, Old Navy, Macy's....The list goes on!

I really am posting this link because I want my friends to save money, too, but they are also offering a free ipad to each member who can get FIFTY people to sign up. I doubt I know 50 other online shoppers to tell about this, but you can also get free gift cards etc etc when others join and you refer them. the sign up link-- I can get $5's for every person that signs up. PLUS you can get your own "Big Fat Checks" in the mail.

For example....I just bought a bunch of Shutterfly 12x12 albums. They're over $100s a pop and I make one a month, and if they're not on sale I'm not buying them at full price. This week they were offered at 50% plus free shipping. In addition to this, ebates is going to give me 8% of this ($450) purchase back on my next "Big Fat Check'.

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