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Friday, February 18, 2011

Tipping the Scale

I thought I would update my blog about my dieting. It's nearly a month that I have been watching my weight by food journal-ing and working out at home. By my doctor's scale I have lost ten pounds in the past month.

To be honest, when I first stepped on today I was disappointed in myself with the result. I had hoped to lose at least fifteen pounds in the last month, as the first month is usually the easiest to lose. After they checked my blood pressure and all of the other quick things, I got to see my doctor and share my journal with her.

We discussed different diets-- when I saw the nutritionalist he seemed to really say "Eat protein and only protein" and explained that it is the only thing our bodies cannot make on its' own. Josh and I had searched high and low at Barnes & Noble and generally every grocery store we go into looking for a good book on the diet and really wanted some recipe suggestions of things that we would mainly have on hand already. My doctor said that she thought the Atkins diet was onto something, but that the South Beach diet may be an easier one to follow, as it does focus on proteins, but it doesn't completely eliminate every other food group.

I will soon be on the search to learn more about the South Beach and the Paleo diets.

The first three weeks of the diet I did really well. During my last week I still ate healthy, but I got a little lazy with my food journal-ing and I skipped working out two days, which I hadn't done before. I blame that lack of motivation as the reason I didn't lose more. Today I am feeling back on track and starting over again. It doesn't do me any good to get mad at myself and I need to remember that I have already had to slim into smaller jeans than what I bought after I had Samantha. It is a small feat, but I need to just focus on that because the big picture is too intimidating.

Update: I have been trying to blog all day with little luck, but I did get a call back from my doctor's office. After I saw her, I went and had blood drawn again this month and they called to let me know my blood work now showed everything looked good-- which was not what we discussed a month ago when I had another blood drawl. Never in a million years would I have thought just one month of dieting would reverse those numbers that needed to be better. It's nice to end the evening with a little more motivation! Speaking of which, I'd better go do the shred.

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