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Saturday, October 23, 2010

End of the Road

We are finally in the home stretch with all of this baby business. We have at the most 24 days until baby Samantha is to greet us. It is scary and overwhelmingly exciting all at once!

The nursery is close to being complete; We are waiting on an end table from and tomorrow we need to steam clean the carpets. I also am on the hunt for a few knick knacks to decorate her shelves with, but that's no biggie.

The suitcase is being packed for the ER and I have checklists all over my office!

Big Brother Stevie B is talking about "my baby sister" all of the time. He really enjoys feeling the baby kick and always hopes to hear her and would rather his ear be pressed against my belly rather than his hand. I have also caught him wetting his finger several times in preparation of giving mommy's belly button a wet willy. Thank you again, daddy Josh for teaching him that! ;)

I am at the stage in the pregnancy where Dr Spears wants to see me weekly. My care at Scott & White FAR EXCEEDS any care I received in Alaska. In Alaska they never did weekly checks at this stage, they just told me to go to the ER when I thought I was in labor. They also did not do the Group B testing. While I am mortified of giving birth, at least I have some bit of comfort knowing that I have a supportive (although naive) husband and a wonderful, caring doctor. Last Friday I was told that I am thinning like I'm supposed to be and they want me to try to make out a plan for if Sam comes before the 16th, which is the date I plan to be induced on if she isn't here yet.

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