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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Stevie Turns 4

It seems like just yesterday that we lived in Alaska; Mommy worked all the time and you hung out with your Grandpa. I remember your hair almost looked like a toupe in the front and mommy thought it was so sweet I couldn't bring myself to cut it.

I was constantly dressing you up in silly outfits and costumes and taking what I think are the sweetest photos of you!

Daddy also fell instantly in love with you, Stephen. He came home from Iraq when you were just three months old and wouldn't put you down! You gave daddy some serious baby- fever!

That is one of the first two pictures you ever took together. You were both inspecting eachother and daddy acted like he might break you that first time holding you!

After our move to Texas you turned ONE! I couldn't believe how fast that first year went and I started to realize how much I missed working. I'd rather be home with you and enjoy watching you develop into the little character you are today.

Now, three days ago, you turned FOUR. Part of mommy is still in denial; You're my Stephen and I want you to stay three. Three was SO much better than two! :)

This year you're going to get prepared to Kindergarten. You're going to start kickball. You're able to talk with us and tell us stories; I am very proud of you and can't wait to see what you do with yourself this year!

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