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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Our First Gingerbread House

Last year I heard of what I thought would be the coolest event....And when I called to sign Stephen and I up (Josh was deployed!) we were too late. Well, this year Shawna gave me an earlier heads-up and we got on the list to the Temple Library's "Make Your Own Gingerbread House" event!

Shawna and her family, Bonnie, the Stanfords and the Henke's were all there, too!

Shawna & her daughter, Summer

Allyson Stanford, being adorable

The infamous and ever so charming William Stanford

This is their house. Allyson was big on making patterns!

Loggie and Cynthia building their Gingerbread Home

Jordyn kicking back. She just wanted the cookies and marshmellows and she was set!

Catarina came with an empty tummy!

Daddy & Stephen working away!

Stephen CHOMPING away! When else does he get the opportunity to feast on candy like this?!

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