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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Bad Beagle!

I left today to run to Hobby Lobby and Josh decided to take Stephen and Lucy on a walk. I came home and could hardly believe my eyes....

Rewind: Yesterday I let Josh talk me into bringing home a dog. (Yes, again. When will I ever learn?) We were at the pound on post and this cute little Beagle was there and we decided Lucy needs a playmate. Anyhow, yesterday Beagle was the sweetest dog ever; He even slept between Josh and I last night snoring (Lucy would NEVER be allowed to do this!)

Anyhow, our Angel Beagle apparently did NOT like us leaving his graces yesterday and he was going to get us back. Before I was even parked in the driveway I saw the office blinds and thought to myself "No....It must be a mistake," but then I saw the guest room's curtains were like that, too! At this point I am just thinking they are bent and fixable (Wrong again)....

I run in the door and yes, there's more surprises. The darn dog poo-ed FOUR times. I (literally) did not think he had it in him.



  1. Oh no!! Thats why my new dog practically lives in the kennel!!

  2. Ok you kinda glazed over this in our conversation the other night. I would still be ranting about this. OMG!