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Saturday, April 9, 2011

My Experiences in Mystery Shopping!

As many of you know,I try to be thrifty and have been attempting to get better at coupon-ing. While I don't strive to make it onto that new show "Extreme Couponing" and I don't want to clutter our home with more stockpiles than we already have, I came across this blog: in one of my 'frugal mom' emails.

I decided 'why not?!' and signed up at a few companies. As of today I have done a total of 4 mystery shops!

I was a little hesitant at first, but the companies that I signed up for are reputable and seem to be very honest and direct about what you need to do. You can read about shops and if it doesn't seem worth it to you, don't accept that shop! I have also contacted both companies at separate times through email and through phone numbers, and each contact with them has been successful! If you are a friend and you may be interested in trying this, too, these are some company websites that are NOT fraudulent and you may want to try out! or

Tell Us About Us, Focus on Service (only use with internet explorer),,, "CRI" Corporate Research International

Feedback Plus is one I have personally used and am VERY happy with! They also paid by using and I got my first re-embursements today in fact!

What to look for: the MSPA stands for the Mystery Shopping Providers Association; I haven't looked into that but I'm sure their website can share more information and tell you of reputable companies.

I DID give my social security number to several of the companies for tax purposes, as well as my cell number and email address, but I have NEVER had to give a credit card number or anything of that sort.

Let me know what you think about mystery shopping after your first shop!

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