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Monday, August 24, 2009

Bye-Bye Joshy's Youth

First off, please let me laugh here that all of my friends now call Josh "Joshy". Heather even adds the Joshy-poo occasionally. I love it! Poor Joshy- Poo.

We got up and I made him Cinnamon French Toast. Stephen kept saying, "It's really good daddy. Mmmm....It's really good!" And shaking his head as he talked. Stephen is the sweetest little thing ever [when he wants to be!]

He has finally hit the big "3-0" mark and boy was he a sour-puss about it! He wouldn't even pick something he wanted for a gift because he said we didn't need to celebrate this birthday. Then he saw me making his cake and snapped, "It's not even funny", when he realized that it was (supposed to be) a funny cake; You know, rather than a penis or, better yet, boobie cake that he apparently would have preferred.

I thought my cake was funny!

Anyhow, Heather, her husband Clare and brother-in-law Eric, Baby Jayvin and mom Nadja and Daddy Josh Moeller came over as well as Josh's "BFF" Dan Powell. I was kind enough to pay designated driver and we did a little bar-hopping.

They were all relatively well behaved. :)

Heather, My Josh, and Josh Moeller all rode the bull! Heather did pretty good for a girl and my husband did even better.

Happy Birthday Daddy Joshy- Poo Moody!

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